A small selection of our projects around the world

The DEAR Foundation Switzerland currently supports 148 projects around the world. Please find a selection following:

Early childhood education for refugees

Schweizer Frauenlauf Bern 2023

Getting children off the streets

Education for Youth

Dr. Biniyam Tefera gives information regarding breast cancer and self checks at Adama Hospital in Ethiopia.

Breast cancer awareness

Prof. Hartstein and his team talking to patients in Ethiopia.

Cataract campaigns

DearMamma - Project Yik Pinda

First grade classroom with children who are starting to learn to read and write. They can attend this unique model school up to the age of twenty.

Education and vocational training

Nurses of the Beita Women's Development Society presenting the DearMamma Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

Breast cancer awareness

A Mercy Air pilot taking an ill patient to the next hospital, which can only be reached by helicopter.

Helicopter relief services

Palestinian women in front of their vegetable gardens, holding their harvest.

Home vegetable gardens

Bishvilaych presenting the DearMamma Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign to Haredi women.

Breast cancer awareness

Jewish and muslim children attending classes together. All the children are bilingual in Hebrew and Arabic and learn English together as their first foreign language.

Intercultural education

Teenagers learning to dance at Madaa Creative Centre.

Psycho-social and economic empowerment

Sonja Dinner on site during construction of the Comprehensive Breast Care Center, together with Prof. Orna Blondheim, Prof. Doron Kopleman, Prof. Dan Hershko and Larry Rich.

Comprehensive breast care centre

Sonja Dinner visiting St. Petersburg in 2014, engaging with one of the residents. Our partner organisation, Perspektivy, ensures that children with multiple severe developmental disorders receive high levels of care and interaction.

Residential care

Children playing together in the Children's Village.

Children's home

Suisse-Santé-Haïti make healthcare accessible and affordable for the rural population of the Arbonite Valley.

Maternity hospital & mobile clinics

A sister taking care of children in the sheltered garden of the St. Francis School.

Protecting children with albinism

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