What sets us apart from other NGO’s

The DEAR Foundation Switzerland is fully financially independent and although we encourage you to make donations to increase our impact, we do not depend on outside funding. That also means that we are not competing with other organisation for volumes, numbers or key data.

We are financially independent

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The DEAR Foundation Switzerland is fully financially independent, and although we encourage donations to increase our impact, we do not depend on outside funding.

Therefore we are not competing with other organisations for volume or numbers. Our financial independence allows us to act quickly, flexibly and without vested interests, giving us the freedom to support where there is real need.

We only support people and organisations that are willing to contribute

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We believe in empowerment, recognising we work with active stakeholders, not victims. That is why we require a substantial amount of self-driven motivation and hard work towards the success of the project from the organisations and individuals we support. Projects are discontinued when there is a lack of contribution or willingness to work together efficiently. This ensures that a real need is served, and investments are carefully maintained and pursued.

We only work through local organisations with a professional track record

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We only support organisations using professional work practices, relying on those who have experience in these cultures, and only spend appropriate amounts of money on administrative matters and improve the quality of life of those in need.

Projects that we support are carried out primarily with local staff as equal partners and with reasonable personal contributions from the beneficiaries themselves. This enables us to be efficient and sustainable.

We prioritise sustainable growth over rapid expansion

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We support only projects with a socio-economic focus and a lasting effect. Our focus lies on a clear vision and a long-term planning, combined with realistic, achievable goals. We support projects and organisations whose management demonstrates strong intrinsic commitment as well as outstanding competence, credibility and consistency.

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