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  • 2014
  • 75 children with developmental disorders
  • Perspektivy

The collaborative efforts of the DEAR Foundation Switzerland and Perspektivy focus on enriching the lives of children and young adults with severe multiple developmental disorders living in institutional care in St. Petersburg.


Enhance the quality of life for individuals with severe developmental disorders living in House number 4 at Pawlowsk state orphanage in St. Petersburg, by providing a range of tailored psycho-social support programs.


  1. Individualized Support: Tailor psycho-social support programs to meet the unique needs of each resident at House number 4 in Pawlowsk state orphanage and the Peterhof residence.
  2. Skill Development: Offer a range of activities to help residents acquire new skills and engage in personal growth.
  3. Community Integration: Assist in the transition to adulthood by providing ongoing support and resources to help residents build their independence.


A dedicated team of staff and volunteers provide tailored psycho-social support programs designed to help all residents thrive – mentally, physically and emotionally. This looks different for every individual, but ranges from sport and games through to art and cultural outings, all aimed at building skills and fostering meaningful human connections.

House number 4 at Pawlowsk state orphanage is reserved for children requiring the highest levels of assistance, while Peterhof serves as a residence for adults who have left the orphanage but face challenges living independently in the community. Our support extends to both.

Perspektivy - founded by the German Baroness, Margarete von der Borch - is the only NGO in Russia that works permanently with its own employees within a state institution, in close cooperation with the special education centres in Moscow and Pskov, both "leading lights" in caring for people with disabilities in Russia.


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