Israel / PalestineBreast cancer awareness among Haredi women

Bishvilaych presenting the DearMamma Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign to Haredi women.

Facts & figures

  • Middle East
  • Health, DearMamma
  • 2018
  • >80,000 Haredi women
  • Bishvilaych’s Evelyne Barnett Women’s Health Center

This initiative strives to bridge an important gap within Jewish ultraorthodox Haredi communities, where women often lack access to mainstream news media and comprehensive education about their bodies and health.


Minimise the impact of breast cancer, andempower Haredi women to proactively manage their personal health.


  1. Public health education: Raise breast cancer awareness both online and in person within the Haredi community, through workshops addressing prevention, screening, genetic testing, and self-examination.
  2. Clinical breast exams: Conduct clinical breast exams with qualified physicians at the Evelyne Barnett Women’s Health Center in Jerusalem.
  3. Removing barriers: Find culturally sensitive ways to deliver this information, helping to overcome barriers to women accessing preventative healthcare.


Throughout the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, DearMamma's Haredi campaign promoted breast health awareness through online lectures, social media, and email campaigns. After restrictions were lifted, lectures were offered in workplaces and community centers to over 1,000 women.

Bishvilaych has established crucial ties within Haredi communities, HMOs, municipalities, and workplaces in cities across Israel where a high-proportion of the population is Haredi. These connections play a pivotal role in delivering essential health education to isolated communities.

Since the DearMamma campaign's inception, Bishvilaych has reached out to more than 100,000 women and distributed breast health materials to 40,000 households. Their innovative approach included a poster campaign in women's underwear stores across 10 cities.

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