Burkina FasoPromoting breast cancer information and awareness

Facts & figures

AMPO has been TDF’s operational partner for the DearMamma campaign since August 2019. From the beginning of August 2019 to June 2021 and from December 2021 to this end of May 2022, the local DearMamma team travelled through the urban and rural communes of Burkina Faso to provide accurate information on breast cancer and disseminate the app and teach self-examination.


Promoting DearMamma breast cancer information and awareness.


To reduce breast cancer mortality in Burkina Faso.


1. Improve early detection of breast cancer through self-examination.
2. Popularize the use of the DearMamma method for self-palpation using the DearMamma application installed on mobile phones or explained in leaflets.
3. To reduce the rate of late consultations due to breast cancer.

To date AMPO ran the campaign across 80 municipalities and 132 urban sectors in Burkina Faso. BF has 302 municipalities but a large part of it is inaccessible because of the terrorist violence facing the country. The team has made several media appearances to promote the campaign. More than 70% of respondents who were exposed to the campaign reported to a student who evaluated the campaign that they self-palpate at least once a month.

To expand the reach of the campaign, AMPO plans to collaborate with Women's associations that operate in the distant regions. Religious and lay organizations, municipal authorities and the heads of public and private educational institutions are solicited to reach out to the female population everywhere. AMPO translated the DearMamma film into local languages and the app is being installed on mobile phones. Leaflets on the DearMamma method are distributed to women who do not have mobile phones.


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