MyanmarEducation for Youth

Facts & figures

  • Asia
  • Education
  • 2008
  • 180 financially disadvantaged children in Yangon
  • Centre for Vocational Training Myanmar

Education for Youth (E4Y) in Yangon addresses a pressing issue: the premature discontinuation of education due to financial constraints, prevalent among children aged 11-13. E4Y, a program under the Center for Vocational Training (CVT), provides a lifeline for 180 children and their families.


Empower 180 financially disadvantaged children in Yangon with education and training for enhanced employability prospects.


  1. Accessible education: Ensure economically disadvantaged children continue education beyond 5th grade by removing financial barriers.
  2. Job skills training: Provide tailored education enabling talented children to transition smoothly into training and employment opportunities.
  3. Academic excellence: Ensure sustainable progress by monitoring and improving school metrics like academic performance, retention, and post-graduation outcomes.


This initiative offers a comprehensive four-year curriculum, empowering at-risk children with education, life skills, and confidence. Beyond immediate academic benefits, E4Y significantly enhances students' prospects for future vocational training and employment.

The program's overarching goals include consolidating E4Y as a model educational institution, integrating it into the national education system, and ensuring long-term sustainability through local leadership and financial independence.

By providing a holistic educational experience, E4Y not only transforms individual lives but also contributes to breaking the cycle of poverty in Myanmar, offering a brighter future for these deserving children.

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