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Nurses of the Beita Women

Facts & figures

  • Middle East
  • Health, DearMamma
  • 2018
  • 1,000,000 Palestinian women
  • Beita Women Development Society (BWDS)

Breast cancer diagnoses have risen significantly amongst Palestinians living in the West Bank in recent years, from 1,073 cases in 2000 to 3,191 cases in 2021. Official reports indicate that more than 60% of cancer cases in Palestine are reported at a late stage, reducing survival odds. With help of the Beita women Development Society, we're spreading breast cancer awareness throughout Palestine.


Increase women's chances of surviving breast cancer by expanding awareness and knowledge of the disease and encouraging regular self-checks.


  1. Raise awareness: Educate as many women as possible on the importance of self-examination, early detection of breast cancer, and seeking early medical care.
  2. Facilitate access: Connect women with screening centres and healthcare services.
  3. Promote information sharing: Encourage women to share the DearMamma mobile application among their peers to empower more women to prioritize their breast health.


BWDS actively builds partnerships with NGOs, government ministries, and universities in order to share information about breast cancer and self-checks with as many women as possible. They conduct home visits, encouraging women to visit Ministry health centers for detection and assessment. Workshops are held to teach the use of the DearMamma app, alongside the distribution of educational materials, media appearances, and the use of social platforms. A new booklet on breast cancer was widely circulated. With a car provided by The DEAR Foundation Switzerland, BWDS recently expanded its outreach to new areas in Palestine. So far, the project has reached approximately 1,000,000 women in one form or another. Coordination with the Ministry of Health ensures efficient efforts and maximum impact, preventing duplication.

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