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The DEAR Foundation Switzerland is present with projects in these countries:

Ethiopia - Cataract Surgeries


Wherever possible, we help provide health services to the most marginalised populations. We support training for nurses and carers. We support projects addressing malnutrition, family planning, malaria and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

Liberia - Education


Our main focus is on basic education. We want to ensure that every child has pathways to a postitive future. This includes teaching people of all ages to read and write in their native languages.

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Welcome to The DEAR Foundation Switzerland

The DEAR Foundation Switzerland helps people in need, particularly women and children. We do this by supporting humanitarian projects, administered by NGOs throughout the world.

The DEAR Foundation Switzerland is financially independent, but gratefully accepts individual donations, bequests and contributions from charities. This enables the foundation to provide even more help.

The headquarters of The DEAR Foundation Switzerland are located in Switzerland. We operate very efficiently with a small team, personally verifying each of the projects we support. 100% of all donations are injected directly into projects.

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Overview of The DEAR Foundation Switzerland

The Foundation

The DEAR Foundation Switzerland helps people in need, particularly with a particular emphasis on women and children. We do this by supporting humanitarian projects, focused on education and empowerment.

Our fields of action

We are committed to fighting poverty by facilitating education, health, child protection, womens rights, economic empowerment, and peaceful coexistence between religions.


A successful and trustful partnership between our partners and The DEAR Foundation Switzerland is based on mutual clear values.

Projects of the DEAR Foundation Switzerland

Projects all over the world

We are currently supporting more than 148 projects worldwide, with a particular focus in Africa and Israel / Palestine. Following are some examples of our projects all around the world.

Projects that we support are carried out primarily with local staff as equal partners and with reasonable personal contributions from the beneficiaries themselves. This enables us to be efficient and sustainable.

Our Main Initiative – DearMamma

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign «DearMamma»

One of our main projects is the development of the DearMamma App to encourage regular self-examination.

95% of women with breast cancer could survive if the cancer is detected early enough, but this isn’t happening. With the help of the DearMamma App, we’re hoping to change that. Our gift to women worldwide, it’s completely free. All we’re asking is that you install it on your phone to remind you every month to check your breasts. Tell your friends and family, so that no more lives are lost, simply because it was too late.

Breast Cancer Awareness

Far too many children lose their mothers, and husbands their wives, to breast cancer.

We want to change that. The earlier breast cancer is treated, the more likely it can be cured. Regular breast-checks can help to detect abnormalities earlier and get treatment faster.

We want the DearMamma movie – Brave Women – to reach women everywhere, especially those who are most often left behind in public health messaging. The movie has two main goals:

  1. Remove all cultural taboos surrounding breast cancer and self-examination
  2. Provideaccess to medical information about breast cancer, offer advice on options available after diagnosis, and support the creation of networks, self-help groups and connections worldwide

Watch the DearMamma movie

DearMamma Video

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