ChinaCare for children with incarcerated parents

Children playing together in the Children

Facts & figures

  • Asia
  • Health, Education
  • 2008
  • >20 children aged 4-18
  • Tasna Association

The Sunshine Village provides a caring home for children whose parents are currently serving time in the Chinese prison system.


Create a nurturing environment for children with parents currently serving time in the Chinese prison system, ensuring their well-being and development, including access to education, healthcare, and psychological support.


  1. Basic needs: Provide nutritious meals, shelter, and a safe environment for children.
  2. Education: Enable access to quality education and ensure school attendance.
  3. Healthcare: Offer medical and psychological care to address trauma and emotional needs.
  4. Transition support: Facilitate a smooth transition to independence for aged-out residents.


Although not orphans in the traditional sense, the majority of children residing in the Sunshine Village have no other available family, are not permitted to stay with their parents in the prison system and are generally ineligible for other forms of government assistance.

The DEAR Foundation Switzerland’s support helps to ensure all these children have something of their childhoods restored, by making sure they are well fed and cared for, can attend school and have access to medical and psychological care to address past trauma.

The project also provides follow-up care for children who have aged-out of the home, supporting them to pursue study and vocational training opportunities as they work towards independence.


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