Israel / PalestineComprehensive breast care centre in Afula

Sonja Dinner on site during construction of the Comprehensive Breast Care Center, together with Prof. Orna Blondheim, Prof. Doron Kopleman, Prof. Dan Hershko and Larry Rich.

Facts & figures

  • Middle East
  • Health, DearMamma
  • 2011
  • 700,000
  • Emek Medical Centre

Since 2011, The DEAR Foundation Switzerland has been instrumental in supporting the construction and design of a state-of-the-art breast care centre at the EMEK Medical Center.


Ensure cutting-edge breast cancer care and streamline service delivery from a single location.


  1. Enhance breast cancer care: Support the construction of a cutting-edge breast cancer ward at Emek Medical Centre, ensuring excellent care for diverse communities in northeastern Israel.

  2. Promote medical advancements and research: Establish the breast cancer ward as a national research hub, fostering collaborations for innovative studies and educational initiatives, advancing breast cancer treatments and methodologies.


Emek Medical Centre, affiliated with the Technion Rappaport Faculty of Medicine in Haifa, is a prominent 537-bed hospital within Clalit Health Services' network. Established in 1930, it boasts 2,400 staff members, including 520 physicians and 725 nurses. Notably, Emek made history by appointing the first female CEO, Professor Orna Blondheim.

The hospital's DearMamma breast cancer ward conducts annual examinations for 3,500 women, facilitating both diagnosis and surgical procedures for 250 patients. This one-stop breast cancer facility, previously nonexistent in Northeast Israel, is now a pioneering national center for research and medical education, enhancing collaborative efforts among medical professionals.


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