A successful and trustful partnership between our partners and The DEAR Foundation Switzerland is based on mutual clear values.

The DEAR Foundation Switzerland´s values

  • Political and religious neutrality
  • Complete independence in our actions and decisions
  • Transparent and fair partnerships
  • No financial support without own contributions
  • Regular on-site project reviews based on periodic reporting
  • Enabling supported organizations to become self-sustainable


All people can lead a self-determined life.


We implement projects in the fields of education, health and economic empowerment to break cycles of poverty – especially for women and children.

Principles and Governance

  • We support projects according to urgency, necessity, feasibility, relevance, and sustainability
  • We only work with competent, transparent, and trustworthy local partners
  • Every project is subject to regular monitoring and controlling according to The DEAR Foundation Switzerlands standards
  • Maximizing impact of our investments
  • Enabling our partners to become independent from us and other sources
  • Managing projects professionally and according to entrepreneurial principles
  • Monitoring programs in a cost-conscious, competent and transparent manner
  • Being a competent, committed and solution-oriented partner
  • Project beneficiaries must make a personal contribution and work professionally

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