Our Fields of Action

We are committed to fighting poverty by facilitating education, health, child protection, womens rights, economic empowerment, and peaceful coexistence between religions.


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  • Enabling self-determination by improving access to education and vocational training for women and children, especially those from marginalized populations.


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  • Promoting breast cancer awareness through the worldwide DearMamma Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and the free DearMamma App (available in 13 languages with built-in accessibility for women who can’t read)
    See www.dearmamma.org
  • Financing medical equipment and facilitating access to health services for impoverished communities
  • Providing training for nurses and carers
  • Supporting access to psycho-social service
  • Fighting female genital mutilation (FGM)
  • Promoting family planning programs

Child Protection

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  • Fight against the exploitation of children by working closely with education and training providers to ensure pathways out of poverty
  • Fight against child labour
  • Protection of children from sexual exploitation and early marriage
  • Psycho-social support for children

Promoting Women´s Rights

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  • Providing safe spaces for women
  • Empowering women of all cultural and religious backgrounds through education

Economic Empowerment

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  • Breaking cycles of poverty through education and training
  • Creating employment opportunities
  • Providing leadership training
  • Supporting women to establish and grow small businesses through microloan programs
  • Promoting women's networks to support their individual independence

Peaceful Coexistence between Religions

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  • Supporting institutions actively engaged in creating peaceful coexistence between communities of diverse religious backgrounds
  • Working towards a world where religion, tolerance, and respect for the ‘others’ go hand-in-hand
  • High morals and a strong sense of humanity guide us to make ethical decisions and act with compassion and integrity

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