GhanaVocational training for young people

Sonja Dinner attending together with young mothers school lessons in inventory management in a church in Ghana. School lessons are mandatory for all recipients of microcredit loans.

Since 2011, The DEAR Foundation has been supporting the YAP programme - the Youth Advocacy Programme - to help the young people of Ghana via Opportunity International, Switzerland.

Around 700 unemployed young people from various parts of the country are given the opportunity to break away from poverty and a lack of prospects thanks to a three-year apprenticeship. During the apprenticeship, the young people receive meals in the company and take part in the obligatory Life Skills workshops, during which they are taught about health and social welfare issues, such as sex education, unwanted pregnancy and the consequences of it, AIDS, drug addiction, domestic violence, and women's rights.

After successfully completing the apprenticeship, there is an opportunity to receive a microcredit and set up a small company to become self-employed.

A major focus of the project is promoting women's rights. The project pays great attention to careful recruitment and taking excellent care of the apprentices during the training period. The other aims are to provide support while the young person builds up his or her self-employed activity, and to achieve lasting societal and economic benefits.

Microcredits and microfinancing in Ghana with our partners, Opportunity International and Sinapi Trust, fund the start-up of small businesses in agriculture, trade, services and education.


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