Burkina FasoHealth centre for the poor

The head physician Dr. Denis Yameogo with one of his assistants who also used to be one of Katrin Rohdes little orphan girls and now happily works in the health center.

Facts & figures

  • Africa
  • Health
  • 2013
  • Around 2,500 women and children

Since 2010, The DEAR Foundation Switzerland has been providing support for the public health centre, Sahel e.V. A.M.P.O., in Ouagadougou.

Every year, around 80,000 patients, mostly mothers with small children, and pregnant women, who have often come a long way by foot, come to the health centre. The health centre has three treatment rooms: a gynaecology room, a dental practice, and a general medicine room. Drugs are dispensed free of charge and many treatments, including operations, are carried out more or less for free. The social aspect of A.M.P.O. heath centre is also very important. It is known about far and wide, and is often the last hope for many desperate mothers and their ill children.

About the A.M.P.O. other projects, besides the health centre, include orphanages, a training farm, an advice centre for women, a rehab centre and a wheelchair workshop. All are managed personally, and with great enthusiasm by the founder Kathrin Rohde.


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